Are you looking for exceptional effectiveness in your professional life?

Are you tapping into your fullest potential?

Are you successful with human relationships?

Do you yearn for an everyday life that is wildly extraordinary?


If these questions resonate with you, then I invite you to contact me.

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For more than two decades, I’ve had the privilege of Yvonne-9134-2helping clients on two continents find greater congruency between their work and life practices and their deepest selves. To each client, I bring a wide pallet of life wisdom, cultural sensitivity, and years of career experience, including work not only as a coach and trainer but as a professional dancer, business executive, and coordinator of environmental sustainability projects. I’m grateful to have earned the trust of scores of clients, representing different ages, cultures, genders, and occupations, both in the United States and the Netherlands. As a Chief Empowerment Officer, I’m currently based in Portland, Oregon, USA, and am pleased to offer my services locally, regionally, and internationally.



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