Professional & Personal Development

As part of my effort to personalize coaching, you may choose to orient your coaching journey toward your personal development or your professional development. blendimages 10015703985Although there are natural connections between the personal and professional, some clients come to coaching with a clear intention to work primarily in one sphere rather than the other. The professional sphere may include building awareness and management of self and how this pertains to working with exceptional effectiveness within organizational culture or identifying personal blockades and performance gaps that interfere with your job success. Also in the professional domain, you establish the skill set to anticipate and find alternatives to minimize risks.

The personal sphere may include looking at aspects of everyday life that are stuck, untapped, or troublesome. In this domain you may really crave positive change and find yourself ready to step up to being the authentic you and realizing an extraordinary life. Personal coaching can enhance your general wellness, lead to more fulfilling relationships, and raise self-confidence and internal optimism. Clients often experience self-revitalization and a cherishing of the life they are creating. I will affirm and honor your choice of focus, the professional or the personal, and develop coaching activities that reflect your intentions.



Three-Tiered Coaching Process

As another way of customizing the coaching service, I have differentiated three tiers of service, each representing a different level of intensity and a different scope of work. The focus of each tier is as follows:

Tier 1: is about solving short-term problems of your choice. Even with Tier 1, we keep front and center the dreams and purposes that inspire you, but we zero in on a particular issue that seems to be getting in the way of your moving forward.

Tier 2: is a more extensive service that focuses on developing broader goals for either your professional or personal development and a responsive action plan to help you reach these goals. Of course, taking care of particular problems is also a component of Tier 2. Other pieces of your broader goals may include:Three tier model v.5

  • uncovering and moving beyond self-limiting beliefs,
  • clarifying “core” talents, potential and gaps,
  • enhancing interpersonal and organizational skills,
  • balancing work and life roles, and
  • developing a personal accountability practice that is both compassionate to self and effective.

Tier 3: is long-term and focuses on “Mastering the art of manifesting your dreams.” At this level, you will be “putting it all together” and concentrating less on developing plans and more on purposefully implementing them over time. This tier also is about leaning into the issues, feelings and possibilities that arise and making ongoing adaptations to match changing or unanticipated circumstances. In Tier 3, you make your dreams happen, with me in your corner, both cheering you on and assisting you to make the best decisions you can as you play your biggest game.


Learning Communities for Professional and Personal Development

For those who are drawn to learning and growing in groups and who value the bonding that can occur when people face and share similar hurtles, these learning communities will focus on individual development within a group setting. This allows for each community member to work at his or her own pace with the additional dimension of learning through hearing about other members’ growth. As the facilitator, I attend to the safety of group participants. I also weave an individual’s issues seamlessly into broader topics for each group meeting, providing stimulating experiential exercises and creating space for members to get to know one another. Learning communities are meant for those who want to meet and continue their individual development in a warm, trusting community with like-minded folks. A cost savings may be another incentive for joining my learning communities. (Contact me to inquire about when a community will be starting.)


Are we a Match?

Coaching is for you if you are asking yourself…

  1. Am I stuck? Do I need to regroup due to some life emergencies or career changes or transitions to new responsibilities? What are the missing skills in my life to help me feel less stuck?
  2. Are my relationships fulfilling? Can I effectively convert conflict into interpersonal successes?
  3. Is my body in good shape? How about my financial situation? Do I have balanced health and sustainable financial plans or health and money woes?
  4. Are my busy schedule and stress manageable? Do I have power and ease that result in work-life balance or am I overwhelmed?
  5. Does my professional work match-up with my heart’s longing, my wildest dreams and my deepest self? Am I using my skills, abilities and interests towards my long-term benefit? What’s my direction and am I questioning my life and career choices?
  6. What’s really important to me? Can I count on my sense of life purpose to guide me successfully through difficulties? Can I transform my fear into increased self-awareness and thoughtful action?
  7. Am I serious about producing big results or am I shy about my own greater potential? Am I committed to pushing forward based on my true passions and smart action plans?

Are you seeking professional development, for example, as a solo entrepreneur, a self-employed business owner, or an executive in a corporation? Or are you seeking personal development as an individual who may be facing a major life decision or juggling family, career and individual interests and needs?

Whether you seek professional or personal development, it would be my privilege to help you realize your personal bests, live and work smartly and make a contribution to your community. My coaching is devoted to your fullest empowerment as you stand for and manifest your highest dreams.



How does coaching work?

First you’ll be invited to an introductory assessment session absolutely free of charge. This will help to uncover and clarify your goals and the pitfalls you may be encountering towards reaching them. Then we’ll review the service options I have available to support you in attaining your goals. We mutually determine whether we are a good match. If we are, we together develop and each make a commitment to it. Further, we agree upon the schedule of coaching sessions, and a timeline and method for assessing your progress. We also reach agreement on “assignments” and on a compassionate accountability process. Finally, in the midst of what is planned and anticipated in advance, we make space for surprises and unforeseen developments.


Fees by package or single session

I will gladly design a customized packages of 12-16 sessions to match your goals, needs and budget which is the most effective and economical approach to your personal and professional development. Custom packages typically cover a 6-7 month period. Sessions and check-ins vary in length from 30-90 minutes. Custom packages always begin with a longer Discovery session and close with an Evaluation session. Sometimes one session can give you clarity on an issue, so I also offer single Power sessions on a separate fee scale. I’m confident that coaching with me will be one of the most important investments you make in yourself.shutterstock_119982295LoRes I am devoted to delivering true value. Devotion means my full presence, sufficient time, abundant energy and loving personal attention for every one of my clients.